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Check availability of a name - as technical as it gets

A quick guide
Each web site has a name e.g. Amazon.com or BBC.co.uk - Amazon and BBC are called domains and are combined with extensions eg .com, .co.uk to create the full name. What you want to do is choose a combination that you like. Example, your grandson's name is Peter Snow. So you could search for PeterSnow, PSnow, Snow with any extension. If PSnow was available with a .com externsion then you could register it and the web site would be available at www.psnow.com Computers ignore capital letters in a domain name, we type them just for clarity but there is no difference between Amazon.com and AmAzOn.CoM - both will get you to the same web site.

Rules: Spaces, dots, punctuation marks not allowed but hyphens and numbers are ok as long as the name does not start with one.

So if you look for a name such as winston-churchill then you can pick from the extensions that are available. As an example, winston-churchill.com may be unavailable but winston-churchill.name might be available. You can check whether the surname is available as this provides lots of options. eg. if Churchill.com was available you could have a site called Clementine.Churchill.com, we will do the clever bit that adds Clementine.

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