The benefits of your own web site area.

A web site

A fully functional, operational web site for blogging, i.e. writing a journal and storing pictures. We will set up Wordpress to do this. They are world famouse so your family can immediately start to post images and news after set up.

Multiple E-mail addresses.

Multiple e-mail accounts are extremely useful and give unprecedented flexibility. You can use different accounts for various things such as signing up to various online services. If spammers get hold of one account you can always delete the account. You can also forward all of your e-mail to one account so you only have to pick up your e-mail from one place. The bottom line is that this feature will give you lots of choices. As a point of interest, you may be aware that many people use free e-mail accounts from some very big providers but few realise that their e-mails are examined and the marketing information gleaned about you is then sold on to third parties. Not good.

Photo Album

Most families have you got lots of pictures in albums. Some family members have images handed down from the generation above. This priceless record often disappears over time. With this account you can store all of these images. You can password some sections if you like. You can also e-mail all of your family members and tell them how to access the images. It is the way forward. For this reason you may like one of these accounts for yourself. As a gift however, its usefulness is also clear. The photos are all in one place and you can easily find one for printing and framing. Family may send you an e-mail containing a few but they have to be selective as the images soon make an e-mail too big.

A Wishlist

If you are a grandparent its nice to treat the children from time to time. Sometimes it is hard to know what best to buy. Imagine that the site we create could be used by the child or their parents to create a list of things, hopefully in various price ranges, that the child wants. Not only is it interesting to see what they are interested in but you can also order it from Amazon and have it delivered direct. If you want us to enable this feature simply drop us a line and we will set it up for you. Of course all passwords can be changed the moment we hand the service over to you.


As the child grows, familiarity with this environment you are considering purchasing will stand them in good stead. There is a wealth of job opportunities that come from an understanding of software, e-mail, web site design, computers etc. The best type of work experience comes from "doing". This simple gift will at least give the child options in the future even though they may not realise it now or for the next few years. A colleague of mine when proof reading this commented that when he was a child his mother bought him one of the first computers. His father thought it a waste of money. The knowledge he gained from this gift has kept him in a career he loves since he left school. We never know what positive impact will come of simple acts of kindness and love.

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The Technical Detail

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